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"Happy marriage"... to prolong life for men?

The results of a recent scientific study showed that one of the keys to good health and longevity for men is to have a wife and a happy marriage.

Dr. Oksana Drabkina, a general medicine specialist, points out that according to this study, there are many factors that affect a person’s life expectancy. Here we are talking, at the same time, about social conditions. It was clear from the results of the study that unmarried men of advanced age are more likely to die.

“Our epidemiological studies have shown social factors associated with increased mortality,” she says. “For men over the age of 55, the most important risk factor associated with death was the absence of a spouse.”

in addition it is important for a man to take care of himself at an early age and he must remember only five simple rules that will help him live longer and maintain his health.

She says: “The contribution of medical prevention to saving people is to identify known risk factors - not smoking, not consuming alcohol, not adding a lot of salt, moving around and eating at least 500 grams of vegetables and fruits daily.”

She adds that lack of attention to health leads to poor quality of life.

“Our health is in the hands of each one of us, use this resource,” she says. “Public health and medical prevention are what can make our lives not only long, but also of high quality.”

Source: - Publication date: 02/01/2024 -


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