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It's amazing how regular exercise manages to keep 103-year-old grandma healthy

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Are you looking for some inspiration to hit the gym and prioritize your health?

Well, 103-year-old Teresa Moore is here to give you plenty of it. Teresa, a Camarillo resident, visits her local fitness center three to four times a week, wearing full makeup and wearing jewelery.

Her daughter Sheila Moore, calls the gym her mom’s ‘happy place’.

Teresa was born in Italy and married her late military husband in 1946. “When she left Italy, she lived a vagabond life and I think curiosity was a big motivating factor,” Sheila told Fox 11

Talking about her mother’s love for the gym, Sheila shares, “That’s where she meets her friends. I think [my] mother is a curious person.”

On how to live a long and happy life, Teresa advises, “Try to be happy. Try to think of good things – to think everything is beautiful, to think beautiful things.”

Physical activity or exercise has many benefits for elderly people also. It is never too late to start exercise and become physically active. Speaking to, Dr Hari Kishan Boorugu, Consultant Physician and Diabetologist, Yashoda Hospitals Hyderabad shares, “Even individuals who have been sedentary but start exercising in their 80s may have a survival benefit compared with individuals who remain sedentary. Improved fitness and strength with exercise has been noted among very frail older adults as well.”


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