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An emrican teenaer was miraculously saved from an electric shock caused by his phone charger.

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The incident happened when 16-year-old Reece Ogdale was lying on his bed at home, a metal chain he was wearing around his neck accidentally touched the exposed prong of his phone charger plug, causing an electric shock. The teenager was taken to the burn unit at Integris Health Medical Center in Oklahoma City, where he was admitted to the intensive care unit to treat his injuries.

Doctors said the teenager suffered second-, third- and fourth-degree burns.

Reese was subjected to a powerful electric shock that was sufficient to kill him. The melted chain left a large gap in the bedspread. “The crazy thing happened during the electric shock, part of his chain got stuck to the charger,” the teen's mother said.

Almost the entire teenager's neck is covered with scars that will remain with him for the rest of his life.

His mother, Davis, 38, who lives in the Yukon, considers herself lucky not to have lost her son that night, and called on others to be careful around electrical wires and sockets.

Source: The Sun


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