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👑"King" passenger on Northern Ireland-bound plane 😉

Mr. Wilkinson "the king!"

According to the New York Post, a British man flying from Portugal to Northern Ireland on March 30 was surprised to be the only one on the plane.

When Paul Wilkinson, 65, walked up to the Jet2 gate and there was no line, he felt something strange, he asked the airport staff if his flight was delayed or cancelled, but they told him he'd be the only person on the plane and called him a VIP.

The flight crew called him "King Paul" the whole flight time.

Paul told SWNS the service he received on the flight was amazing, and they even took pictures of the incident.

A Jet2 spokesperson said to the aforementioned agency, "We are delighted that Mr. Wilkinson was able to experience customer service, award winning, in true VIP style."

Paul's 3-hour trip cost only $162.

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