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More than $130,000 was paid for a first-generation iPhone! 📱

A first-generation iPhone was recently sold at a public auction for more than $130,000.

According to available information, a company called LCG Auctions offered a first-generation iPhone 2G for sale at a public auction. The phone was initially offered for $17,000, and two days later its price rose to be sold for $130,027.

Some websites indicated that the phone was unused, wrapped in its original box, and equipped with an internal memory capacity of 4 GB, and that the company had previously sold a phone of this type for $190,000.

It is noteworthy that Apple had introduced the first generation iPhone 2G phones in 2007, and initially launched versions with internal memory with a capacity of 4 GB, but it stopped production of these devices after a short period, and launched models with memories with a capacity of 8 GB, which made the first category 20 times rarer. Almost, it has become more valuable to fans of collecting old rare phones.

Source: Vesti - Published on 28-3-2024


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