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Signs that you are eating too much sugar!

Did you know that large amounts of sugar are hidden in the food we eat on a daily basis, which may pose a threat to our lives without our knowledge?

Eating too much sugar, especially for adults, has a negative effect on the body. So what are the signs that we are eating too much sugar and what sugar substitutes are suitable for baking?

Weak immune system

Products with high sugar concentrations can weaken the immune system and cause nutritional deficiencies. This makes it difficult for the body to build a protection mechanism against influenza and viruses. The solution is to choose whole foods, such as whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Constant fatigue

Although sugar gives energy for a short time, it causes a rapid drop in blood sugar levels. In addition, eating sugar on a regular basis makes the body get used to this amount and makes the body demand more sugar to get an energy boost. The solution lies in giving up sweets and resorting to healthy alternatives such as fruits and nuts.

Poor digestion

If you suffer from stomach disorders such as bloating, diarrhea or constipation, excessive sugar intake may be the cause. Excess sugar can lead to an imbalance in the bacterial system in the intestine, which manifests itself in the form of uncomfortable digestive problems.

Dental problems and cavities

It is known that consuming a lot of soft drinks and sweets is harmful to the teeth. Therefore, sugar in the mouth turns into acid that attacks the enamel and increases the chances of tooth decay, especially if you do not brush your teeth after eating it.

Constant thirst

The body tries to get rid of excess sugar through urine, which leads to fluid loss. This causes frequent feelings of thirst. If you constantly feel thirsty, this could be the result of an increase in blood sugar levels.


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