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Mother Mexican acts bravely in front of hungry bear 🐻

A hungry bear broke into a picnic area in Mexico, intruding on a mother who was celebrating her son's birthday and devouring their food.

In detail, Mexican Silvia Macias from Mexico City went to Chibenik Park in the northern city of Monterrey to celebrate the fifteenth birthday of her son, Santiago, who has Down syndrome.

In the video, mother Sylvia showed composure and courage as she sat in front of a black bear that jumped on their table and began devouring the food. The mother hugged her son and closed his eyes so that he would not be terrified by the sight of the hungry bear, which left the place after enjoying a delicious meal of Mexican sandwiches.

to watch the Video of the bear please click on the link below

Source: Agencies - Publication date: 29/09/2023


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