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Pink skies frightened the British and they believed that the world was ending!

Some residents of the British county of Kent feared that the pink color that covered the sky at dawn was a sign of the "end of the world."

Mirror indicates that residents of the Thanet area who shared the photos they took of the pink sky, were unable to know and determine the cause of this phenomenon that terrified them, and began searching within themselves for the “four horsemen” (the horsemen of conflict, war, famine, and death mentioned in the Revelation of John).

But it turned out that the reason for the pink color of the sky, which “looked like it came out of a science fiction movie,” was due to the work of the nearby agricultural greenhouse complexes, which are considered the largest in the country, and according to the Thanet Earth website, produce about 400 million tomatoes, 30 million cucumbers and 24 million. One pepper per year.

The company explained that the long period of sunshine in the southeast of the country is beneficial for the growth of crops, but artificial alternatives are sometimes used during the cold months. Against this background, “a certain amount of light is inevitably reflected under certain atmospheric conditions.”

Source: Linta. Ru - Publication date: 10/21/2023


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