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Providing its customers with a sleep service after eating the "Mansaf" dish, out of the box IDEA

A restaurant in the Jordanian capital, Amman, was able to deviate from the ordinary and think outside the box, after providing its customers with a sleep service after eating the "Mansaf" dish, the main food in Jordan.

The restaurant specialized in preparing the famous meal in Jordan provided the service of sleeping after eating the mansaf dish in the restaurant, after the lethargy that the customer suffers after eating the first dish in Jordan.

From humor to application

Omar Al-Mobaideen, the son of the owner of the restaurant, told that the state of laziness and lethargy experienced by the customer after eating mansaf, and the repetition of the joke and the joke of providing a bed to sleep after eating the dish, made them think seriously about implementing the idea.

Indeed, this is what happened, as the restaurant provided beds to sleep inside the halls so that the customer could take a rest after eating, as care is taken carefully and follow-up on the cleanliness of the beds after each customer leaves.

And he indicated that the restaurant specializes in preparing municipal mansaf, adding that it was opened 6 months ago in the capital, Amman, to present mansaf in its authentic way to tourists and those wishing to try an authentic Jordanian mansaf in my country, since mansaf has become an expression of Jordanian identity.


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