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The Nightmare of Being Abandoned on a Plane: Air Canada Passenger's Scary Experience

Tiffany Adams, a resident of Canada, experienced a harrowing incident when she fell asleep during a short flight from Quebec City to Toronto in June 2019.

After the flight landed in Toronto, Adams woke up to find herself alone in a dark, parked, and cold Air Canada plane. The aircraft was empty, and all the lights were turned off. She realized that she had been left behind. Adams described her initial panic, as she tried to call for help but her phone was almost out of battery.

In her interview with media outlets, Adams explained that she had to find a way to exit the plane, and she was able to open one of the doors. However, she was faced with another challenge as she had to jump onto the tarmac, a considerable height from the ground. Despite her fear, she made the jump and eventually found airport ground staff who helped her get back into the terminal.

The story of Tiffany Adams serves as a reminder of the importance of thorough checks by airline staff to ensure that no passengers are left behind on planes after landing. It also highlights the need for passengers to be aware of their surroundings and speak up if they notice anything unusual, even in seemingly routine situations like disembarking from a flight.

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