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Those who don't pay their vehicle installments will be controlled remotely by Ford!

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, Ford has applied for a privilege that will allow a computer to disable a car, if the car payments are late, the car will drive itself to the company.

"In case a payment has not been received within a reasonable period.... following closure" was included in the January 2023 patent request.

In the patent, the system is connected with a recovery system that communicates with the car computer or the driver's smartphone for controlling speed, automatic windows, seats, radios, GPS (GPS), door locks, and air conditioning.

"Disturbance of these components may increase the level of discomfort felt by the driver and passengers." The application is still awaiting approval, but can be installed on any Ford vehicle in the future. The application cites many possible scenarios for using a recovery computer, like "continuous and unpleasant sound versions" and "putting the car in case of closing

A vehicle camera that can be used to determine if there is an emergency, so the computer can call the police if a car owner tries to stop the recovery.

Source: Arab Post


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