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Weird but true !! A British dog recovered from alcohol addiction 🐶

For the first time in the UK , a dog has recovered after suffering from alcohol addiction, the British newspaper "The Telegraph" reported.

According to the newspaper, the two-year-old dog, Coco, ended up in a shelter for stray dogs with another dog, after the death of their owner, upon their arrival, it was found that these animals needed emergency health care because they were suffering from convulsions.

After veterinarians examined Koko's condition, it turned out to be a post-alcohol symptom.

Shelter officials stated that these dogs became addicted to alcohol after their owner left alcoholic drinks in front of them before he went to sleep.

The newspaper reported that the second dog later died after attempts to rescue it failed. while undergoing

Coco was given anesthesia over the course of 4 weeks in order to avoid spasms and to enable her to recover.

Source: Novosti - Publish date: 07.04.2023


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