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🍦With a price of 6,696 $ per meal, a Japanese company creates a rare ice cream flavor !

Some of us pay a few dollars for a cup of ice cream on hot days, and think that the price would be exaggerated if it was tens of dollars.

But do you imagine that there are ice cream for the price of cars? The answer is yes. According to the "UBI" news site, the most expensive ice cream in the world has cost more than $6,600.

In the details, a Japanese "ice cream" company mentioned that it collected the rarest ingredients to prepare ice cream, the price of one meal of which is $ 6,696.

And the "CELLATO" ice cream company in Japan entered the "Guinness Book of Records" as the owner of the most expensive ice cream in the world with the new flavor, which bears the name "BYAKUYA".

This very high price is due to the rare ingredients in it, such as the white truffle that grows in the Alba region of Italy, where the price of a pound is more than 6 thousand dollars.

It take about a year and a half to produce the expensive new flavor, which involved a lot of trial and error until the company got to the right flavor.


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