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6 Tell-Tale Signs You're Sick

“There are certain illnesses that have an abrupt onset, where one minute you’re well, and then suddenly, you’re not,” says Steven Lamm, MD, medical director of the Tisch Center for Men’s Health at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York, NY. That’s very typical of influenza. Flu symptoms include the rapid onset of chills and fatigue, says Dr. Lamm. When you’re coming down with a virus like a cold, you’re more likely to feel mild fatigue or a scratchy throat; symptoms come on more slowly than for flu. Abrupt shaking, chills and fever are usually signs of influenza or a bacterial infection that needs to be examined soon, suggests Dr. Lamm. Here are some more clear signs you’re getting sick—and what to do about it.

You’re sweating like a truck driver! Sweating often accompanies fever and chills as part of everyday viral and bacterial infections. This type of sweating usually comes on quickly, and be an early sign that you’re getting sick. Sweating can also accompany more serious conditions like cancer, heart disease, glucose control issues or lung disease, but this type of sweating is more chronic.

Your stomach is mad at you

Vague nausea, some abdominal cramping or a little diarrhea are early signs that your stomach is off. be sure to drink fluids, since dehydration is common when you have this illness.

You’ve got a temperature

If you’re sneezing, have a headache or feel sluggish this fall, you may be wondering if you’re getting sick or just suffering from allergies. When you have a cold or flu you feel sick and generally have a low-grade temperature, but if you tend to feel this way every spring and fall and don’t have a temperature, it’s likely just seasonal allergies. Your appetite is MIA

If you’re coming down with gastroenteritis, you might have a sense of abdominal fullness where you don’t feel like eating. Not having an appetite or not enjoying foods you normally do could also signal that you’re on the brink of becoming ill with other kinds of infections, from a cold to strep throat.

You feel mentally blah

Feel irritable or down in the dumps? Don’t want to jump out of the bed even though you’re normally a morning exerciser? These telltale signs combined with some of the other signs like fever and chills could mean you’re getting sick.

Bottom line: Pay attention to your body

“A lot of people get into trouble with their health because they don’t tune in to what their bodies are telling them,” says Dr. Lamm. Listen to the severity, abruptness, and duration of symptoms you’re feeling. “When your body is ill, it needs to focus all of its energy on the immune system and healing,” says Dr. Lamm. So cut yourself some slack, focus on rest, stay hydrated, eat well-balanced meals, and call your doctor if you experience sudden changes.

Sources Medically reviewed by Michael Spertus, MD, on August 20, 2019 - Originally Published: September 17, 2019

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