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A mobile app that helps detect skin cancer

An artificial intelligence-powered app that can help detect early signs of cancer has been revealed to help users track changes to their skin.

About 50,000 people use Miiskin in Australia, where it was first launched, and since its debut, it has rolled out additional features to help users track new marks, moles and skin problems that emerge.

The app launched the mole scaling feature to help detect warning signs of skin cancer, and the mole size feature allows users to determine changes to the mark by taking a picture of the mole next to another object as a size reference.

Skin cancer warning signs are often known as ABCDE: asymmetry, border, colour, diameter, and sophistication, and this app is compatible with iPhones with iOS11 and later as well as Android phones.

Regular tracking allows for early detection of changes, which can draw the attention of dermatologists to screen for skin cancer, and most cases of skin cancer can be treated successfully when detected early.

Additional features in the Miiskin app include the ability to take hands-free photos for a self-scanning, and the app also allows users to record photos to see if their skincare routine is working effectively.

Source: The sun Published: 08.05.2022


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