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Certificate of Excellence for a Lebanese scientific project for the creators Ismail and Othman from

The "Business Development Center" in Van - Turkey, Van iSGEM headed by Professor Mahmoud Jedik, represented by Maryam Rahawi, and in the presence of the President of the Lebanese Association of Innovators Nour Eid Latouf, technology and education expert Moussa Sweidan and a group of specialists, presented certificates of excellence and appreciation to the Lebanese inventors, Engineer Mohamed Ismail and Maher Othman for Their project "AVMS Super Nebulizer" was selected as a producible and marketable project in the "International Business Incubation Summit" in Turkey, during a competition in which more than 200 scientific projects competed.

The winning Lebanese project for the creative Baalbek inventors, Ismail and Othman, consist of sterilizing the air by the method of successive chamber technology, without using sterile chemicals, and gives more than one medicine to the patient.

The ordinary “Nebulizer” gives one medicine, through the mask, and the second medicine is given by injection in a pulsed way, The new invented method has not been used before.


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