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"Eat now and pay after your death.” A pizza company makes a strange offer to its customers 🧐

A New Zealand pizza company has unveiled a new offer to buy its products with a “buy now and pay later” system, which allows customers to pay for their orders even after their death, but this feature will be limited to hundreds of customers only, according to what was reported by the American website Insider, Saturday, May 27. May 2023.

The news website Newshub in New Zealand stated that Hill Pizza revealed on Thursday, May 25, 2023, its new offer under the name: the “AfterLife Pay” system. The offer is selective, and participation will be limited to 666 New Zealanders and 666 Australians.

Participating in the "Payment After Death" offer requires customers to sign an amendment to their legal will, allowing the company to collect debts incurred by them to buy pizza after their death, and this offer will be interest free and no additional fees.

Ben Cummings, CEO of Hill Pizza, told Newshub that their offer was a "nice" marketing ploy that the company was inspired by the "buy now, pay later" advertising offers that are so popular with people in New Zealand.

Cummings added, “We are seeing more and more people rely on these offers to buy their staple foods, and we see that we are taking that a step further when quick service restaurants like ours offer this ‘buy now pay later’ offer in the form of this fun service for people.”

Cummings also pointed out that "you can have the pizza you want, and eat it too, without any fees or late penalties to bother you."

The pizza menus offered by the "Hill Pizza" company to its customers include a variety of original, tasty and healthy pizza dishes.

The menus provided by the company also include many side dishes and types of salads, which means that users of the offer (buy now and pay after death) may spend a lot of their life savings on these foods, but the company claims that this will not be a problem to them, since they pay only after they are buried in the dirt! 😉

Source Published by Insider, Website on Saturday, May 27. May 2023.


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