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In Connecticut, the police save two children from drowning after their father tries to drown them on the beach🏖

In a strange incident in the US state of Connecticut, a man tried to drown his two children in the sea before the police noticed him and saved them.

According to NBC, the incident occurred on the beach in West Haven, where a police officer noticed an SUV parked on the beach around 2 a.m. and heard children screaming from the water.

After the policeman approached the water, he found a man carrying two children. He did not allow him to approach, and tried to drown the boy and girl under the water.

A Coast Guard detachment rescued the two children, took them away from the man, and took them to the hospital. An investigation was opened to determine the circumstances and motives of the accident.

SourcevNews: Gazeta Ru - Published on 23-06-2024


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