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A new surgical achievement in Lebanon: Dr. Alaa Sweidan saves Ali's leg from amputation

Ali Beydoun (5 years old), a third-kindergarten student, fell from the bus, his foot was crushed under the wheel, screams were heard in the place, fear mixed with terror with anxiety: Ali's feet were amputated, leaving only one artery that connects the leg to the heel..

With tears and blood, the health ambulance personnel of the Resala Scouts transferred Ali to Tibnin Governmental Hospital, where he was destined to survive and walk again, so what are the details?

The child’s mother, Ali Beydoun, says: We arrived at the hospital and we lost any hope of not being amputated, which was what all the nurses and doctors who saw my son said, but the divine miracle materialized before us in the person of an “angel from heaven” who is Dr. Alaa Swedan.

"Dr. Alaa Sweidan is not a doctor; He is a savior, he is a hero, and had it not been for his urgent medical intervention, my child would have been without a foot today."

Medically, what happened?

Dr. Alaa Sweidan says that the child, Ali, suffered a shattered leg, severed tendons and arteries, and fragmented the bone. Therefore, he underwent bone and tendon restoration operations, which is a very complex and delicate operation...

Dr. Alaa continues: The challenge was great, and the insistence was to restore Ali's leg and enable him to walk again. We concluded the surgical procedure by implanting skin in the place of the operation, and with God's permission, Ali will be able, within a short period of time, to walk...with a medical and nursing staff that was quick to respond.

A medical miracle and a surgical achievement, written by Dr. Alaa Swedan, reconnected the arteries of Ali's feet and re-instilled hope in all of us that Lebanon will remain an artery pumping medical distinction and that the south will remain the pillar of medical hospitalization where nothing is impossible.

Source - Published on March 24, 2023


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