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A patient in Egypt came back to life by a miracle, after his heart stopped for 11 times !

The Egyptian authorities revealed the details of that case that astonished the doctors, as they confirmed it might be one of the few times that had happened before.

In an official statement, the Beheira Health Directorate said, in an official statement, on Saturday evening, That the medical team at Kafr El-Dawwar Hospital succeeded in bringing a patient back to life after 35 minutes of cardiac arrest, and performed 11 cardiopulmonary resuscitation sessions.

The beginning, she says, a 42-year-old patient arrived at the reception of Kafr El-Dawwar General Hospital, at exactly eleven o’clock in the morning on Thursday, suffering from severe chest pains, An electrocardiogram was performed on him immediately, and a cardiologist Dr. Karim Fathi Adam The person examining the case, and it was found that there was a clot in the heart, and during the examination of the case there was a sudden stop of the heart muscle and ventricular fibrillation.

The patient's heart had already stopped for 35 minutes. During that period CPR was performed, until he came back to life again and regained consciousness and awareness.

The Directorate of Health indicated that the resuscitation team was called, and advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation was performed, and 7 electric shocks were given, 11 ampoules of adrenaline, 6 ampoules of Bicarb, 4 ampoules of Cardarone, and one ampule of atropine. The resuscitation process lasted for 35 minutes, adding that during that period the work was done 11 CPR cycles at a rate of one cycle every 3 minutes. Every time he left life and the heart stopped, he would return again with each CPR cycle.

The directorate continued, revealing exciting details: Cardiological resuscitation sessions were during which the patient was re-evaluated from one session to another, and if he needed an electric shock, it would be done until the heart returned to the pulse again.

She added that the patient's heart returned to the pulse again, and then resumed normal breathing, so the manual ventilator was disconnected, and the vital signs, blood pressure and level of awareness became normal, then the patient began to talk to those around him.

The Health Directorate said that a cardiac catheterization was coordinated at Damanhour Teaching Hospital, and it was done upon his arrival, and it became clear that there was a complete blockage in the main anterior artery feeding two-thirds of the heart muscle, and therefore a smart stent was installed, and the artery was opened and blood flowed again to the patient's heart, noting The patient was placed in intensive care under observation for 48 hours, after which he was discharged from the hospital and returned to his home in full and complete improvement.

For his part, Dr. Karim Fathi, who received the case, told Al that after examining the case, he discovered a clot and ventricular tremor, and immediately treated him with electric shocks, noting that the patient was no longer in his condition and therefore began to perform advanced pulmonary and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

He said that the patient's heart actually stopped for 35 minutes, and during that period CPR was performed, until he came back to life again and regained consciousness and awareness, adding that the patient did not suffer any damage to brain cells during electric shocks or resuscitation work.


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