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A "revolutionary breakthrough" that produces green fuel for planes and ships!🚢

The University of Cambridge has developed an automated floating factory that could produce environmentally friendly petrol or diesel products in the near future.

Researchers say the revolutionary system will produce net-burning fuel without creating fossil-derived carbon dioxide emissions.

The Cambridge project is based on the development of a floating artificial green leaf that converts sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide into synthetic fuel. This group believes these thin and flexible devices could one day be employed in industrial settings.

Irwin Reisner, professor of energy and sustainability at the University of Cambridge, said: “Solar panels are excellent at generating electricity and contribute significantly to the world reaching its net-zero aspirations. But using sunlight to produce non-fossil fuels takes things a step further.”

Reisner and his colleagues envision exploiting this technology to build “carpets” of artificial leaves that float on lakes and estuaries, and use sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into components of gasoline and other fuels.

The researchers were inspired by the artificial leaf from plants that use photosynthesis to produce food. The prototype consists of chemical light absorbers and catalysts that convert carbon dioxide and water into a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. This mixture is known industrially as synthetic gas, and it is an intermediate in the production of many chemicals and fuels.

Source: The Guardian- Publication date: 11/13/2023


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