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A revolutionary treatment for prostate cancer without surgery AND in less than an hour!

A revolutionary treatment for prostate cancer without surgery and in less than an hour

In a promising step, surgeons at University College Hospital, London, have come up with a new method for treating prostate cancer that takes less than one hour.

The researchers believe that this method will change the methods of treating prostate cancer, and relies on the use of electric current to destroy hard-to-reach tumors.

Previously, the old treatment methods for this type of cancer included radiation therapy or prostate removal, which caused many side effects such as urination problems, urinary incontinence and loss of sexual ability.

Surgeons called the new treatment NanoKnife, and it is based on sending rapid electrical pulses to the tumor, which makes it cut cancer cells without the need to make any incisions in the skin.

And according to the website of the newspaper "The New Zealand Herald", surgeons have so far performed six operations in this way on prostate cancer patients.

The newspaper quoted a consultant urologist at the University of California, Professor Mark Emberton, as saying: "It is a new way to destroy cancer cells, and it is so simple that surgeons can be trained in it quickly."

Emberton added: "The treatment is amazing and enables us to reach tumors in areas that a scalpel might not reach."

"Since the treatment can be performed in less than an hour, surgeons are able to perform at least twice as many operations in the time it normally takes to perform a conventional operation, without a hospital stay," the urologist explained.

Date: January 03, 2022


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