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An Australian"survivor"sailor could have solo crossed the Pacific Ocean if his boat hadn't capsized

The Daily Mail reported that the young Australian Robinson, who attempted to cross the Pacific Ocean on a hand-made rowing boat, suffered a setback when the boat capsized near the end point.

Tom Robinson, 24, was recovered by the crew of the Pacific Explorer cruise ship on the morning of October 6, south of the island of Vanuatu.

The young Australian man was sitting on an upturned rowing boat, suffering from severe sunburn, and in a state of thirst and fatigue, but he was not seriously injured.

Since his teenage years, Robinson had dreamed of crossing the Pacific Ocean alone on a rowboat, becoming the youngest sailor to do so.

In July 2022, he embarked on a trip from the Peruvian capital, Lima, to his hometown of Brisbane. His first trip to the Cook Islands took 160 days. After stopping there, he continued sailing to Vanuatu in 70 days. The journey to the finish line in Brisbane (the final stop) is two thousand kilometers long, but a few days after his journey towards the finishing point, the rowing boat capsized.

The young sailor expressed his gratitude to the crew of the Pacific Explorer ship and the ship's medical staff for their assistance.He said that he lost his way several times during the trip due to storms, and he also repeatedly encountered sharks, which he remembered saying: “They were friendly most of the time... but they were biting the oars.”

It remains to be seen whether Robinson will repeat his journey across the Pacific Ocean again.

Source: Linta - Publication date: 10/06/2023


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