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Arab member of the Nobel Committee for Medicine for the first time

Moroccan Abdel-Jabbar Mounira, professor of neurology at the Swedish Karolinska Institute, is the first Arab to be selected in the committee responsible for evaluating nominations and selecting the most deserving winners in the field of medicine.

Al-Mounira was born in Rabat, grew up and studied there, and graduated from the University of Sciences before leaving for France to obtain a doctorate in neuroscience from the University of Marseille. He later moved to Sweden, where he joined the Karolinska Institute to work in spinal research.

Al-Muneera said: “It is important to emphasize that membership in this committee is limited to professors affiliated with the Karolinska Medical Institute, and members are elected according to their outstanding research achievements and contributions,” “and for this I am proud.” “I am the first Arab to be elected to this committee.”

It is noteworthy that the Nobel Prize in Medicine this year was awarded to Hungarian Katalin Karikou and American Drew Weissman for their contributions to RNA biology, which enabled the development of messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines that changed the course of the Corona pandemic.

Source: Agencies - Publication date: 10/04/2023


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