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📵BE HAPPY From putting your phone down to takeaways !

HAVE you five minutes to spare? Well, put down your phone and do something that makes you happy instead.

Poring over your screen for all the latest bad news about the pandemic can leave you feeling down in the dumps pretty quickly.

Dr Kathryn Buchanan, who led a study at the University of Essex, said: “Even a few minutes of exposure to Covid-related news on social media can ruin a person’s mood.

We would all do well to be mindful of this and consider balancing our doom-scrolling with some kindness-scrolling.”

Here are some tasks which we can do away from our phone, to raise our happiness levels:

  • SWITCH ON THE RADIO: LISTENING to your favorite song can give you a psychological lift and has the added bonus of fending off depression. Music can lower the stress hormone cortisol when performing difficult and complex tasks.

  • BREW UP SOME COFFEE: IT takes less than five minutes to boil a kettle for your favorite brew, and the result could even put a smile on your face. Caffeine has been shown to temporarily help people who are prone to suffering from depression.

  • PLAN YOUR NEXT HOLIDAY: JUST thinking about where you’re next planning to go on holiday can improve your mood without you even having to get up from your sofa

  • MAKE LIGHT OF YOURSELF: NO one likes jokes being made at their expense but self-deprecating ones could actually make you happier. Surprisingly people who can laugh at their own appearance or traits tend to be more content, a University of Granada study found in 2018.

  • FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT: Forcing a smile really can trick your mind into thinking that it’s happy. Forcing a smile really can trick your mind into thinking that it’s happy.

  • DO PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: JUST ask fitness guru Joe Wicks – exercise can do wonders for your mood. You don’t have to trek all the way to the gym either – because even just a five-minute jog can reduce activity in the brain’s frontal lobe and make you feel calmer.

There are much more tasks which can be customized to each individual based on their own interests and hobbies, just try to find what make you happier, and make it as a daily habit!

14 Oct 2021

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