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Dog Rescued after Surviving 22 Days in Rubble Left Behind by Turkey's Deadly Earthquakes


A dog named Alex is safe again after surviving 22 days trapped in the wreckage caused by Turkey's recent earthquakes. "Surviving 22 days in that hole without eating or drinking anything is really a miracle," Haytap animal rescue worker Osman Polatsaid told Turkish news agency Anadolu, which USA Today also reported. The husky had lost some weight but was in "good health" overall. The dog's owner called Haytap after reportedly hearing the dog's barks coming from the remains of a collapsed two-story building in Turkey's Hatay province. Unfortunately, not all are as lucky as Alex. "There are lots of animals stuck inside the rubble, many have been trapped for a long time," 49-year-old rescuer Zinnet Patan shared with Haytap's website. In the footage of Alex's rescue, rescuers can be seen reaching between two chunks of concrete to help the animal out of the tight spot. Alex receives water and cuddles immediately after he is free from the rubble. Source News


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