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Facebook rewards two Lebanese with $60,000 for reporting security flaws!

The two Lebanese men awarded; Basem Bazoun, & Qassem Bazoun,

"Meta (Facebook) wants researchers help to avoid exposing users' personal data online," the title of a CNN article published late last year. initiate many researchers in the field to detect security vulnerabilities.

Today, the Lebanese youth, Basem Bazoun, announced that he and Qassem Bazoun, received $60,000 from the company, after revealing security flaws in its new program to protect Facebook users' data from leaking.

The company also invited them to attend Facebook's annual BountyCon conference, which will be held in Singapore to meet with security researchers and employees of Facebook and Google. The company also included their names on the honor list.

In a post on his own account, he wrote: “We are proud of our participation in this program, after we succeeded in finding more than 50 security vulnerabilities within this program within a month and a half, which resulted in a reward of more than 60 thousand US dollars, in addition to the Facebook security team’s mention of this work and describing it as exceptional .

Well done !!


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