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How Elon Musk relieved the isolation of Moroccan towns struck by the earthquake

Moroccan experts were able to launch free Internet services in some areas struck by the earthquake, by linking communications with satellites to the Starlink network, owned by American billionaire Elon Musk, which provides Internet services around the world for free.

This initiative was very well received among Moroccans, as it will help security personnel, rescue teams, media professionals, and volunteers to communicate easily and very quickly, especially in the rugged areas that were struck by the devastating earthquake, and which do not have good coverage by local communication networks.

Ali Al-Karabi, moved to the epicenter of the earthquake, to offer a helping hand in his own way. The Moroccan expert posted a video and a group of photos on his Facebook page, showing him launching Internet services.

He also brought special equipment to provide electrical energy so that it can be used for lighting and charging phone batteries and technical equipment.

Ali said, with a smile on his face, in a blog post via the “Story” feature, that one of the areas benefiting from the technology is the epicenter of the earthquake in Fourier, declaring that “people can now communicate with their families via the Internet, and women can cook food even at night thanks to the presence of lighting.” ".

The "Starlink" project, launched by the American billionaire in 2019, allows users to access the Internet via satellite using small receivers used on the ground.

This project is part of efforts to expand access to high-speed Internet in areas that lack traditional wired communications infrastructure.


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