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In just 30 seconds.. 10 ways to make you happy 😀

Experts recommend several ways to enhance human capabilities to increase an immediate sense of pleasure, add meaning to life, or even both in the blink of an eye. Only your will is all you need.

Here are the ways to take it wherever you are - whether at work, at home, outside, or behind the wheel of your car.

Take one deep breath

Deep breathing exercises, which are done by deliberately taking in slow, even breaths and exhaling slowly, can help restore normal breathing patterns and reduce anxiety levels.

Gratitude : Thinking of an event that makes you feel grateful

Even if it is simple and for just a few moments, helps the brain overcome any negative feeling. A delicious breakfast, reading the newspaper, or working on some project that you like, all, contribute to boost happiness in the brain.

Think of an incident you haven't had during the day

Try to think of bad things that you didn't have during the day, eg you didn't have a car accident and no one in your family got sick, and keep things in perspective.

Smile 😊

Many people believe that happiness comes from within, not from without. your intentional decision to smile, for example, activates the chemicals in the brain that stimulate happiness.

Call things by their names

angry! helpless! sad! Worried! These phrases in which you can describe your immediate feelings immediately mitigate the negative effects of those feelings. By simply naming those feelings, you shift the neural activity in the emotional part of the brain to the part that makes you overcome your emotional feelings and take control of things.

Sitting in a healthy posture

Correct sitting posture can cause a positive emotional state – such as feeling confident, assertive and a happier mood. It also helps your physical health and prevents many health problems such as neck, shoulder and back problems.

Appreciating the little things

Expert shows that appreciating little things that you enjoy in your life and thinking about them, is a good experience to avoid negative feelings and push oneself to think about positive things, which helps to increase the hormone of happiness in the body steadily.

Value yourself

If you draw attention to your strengths, you will greatly lift your spirits. Focus on a good behavior or character that you've demonstrated—starting a new project, making a phone call, or even an honest talk with a colleague, are examples to value yourself and boost your happiness.

Finding positive meaning in negative events

If you encounter a setback, you can find a quick way to turn it into something positive! Think of the setback as a challenge, not a failure, Think about how to move forward and get out of the setback.

Use a specific desktop image on your computer

A photo of your family, travels or your favorite saying can enhance your happy moments. A short break to enjoy a picture of a landscape can boost your mental health by lowering stress or blood pressure

Psychologists confirm that positive experiences and happy thoughts can develop new nerve centers in the human brain and employ them by providing it with intrinsic strengths such as flexibility, gratitude, enthusiasm, and ultimately happiness.

Source : Skynews -

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