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Italy... the world's first successful arm nerve transplant in the world!

On Tuesday, the Scientific and Medical Center of Turin reported the world's first nerve tissue transplant to restore movement to a paralyzed arm using nerve tissue from a leg.

The man (55 years old), a medical worker, had been involved in a traffic accident five months ago, which required the amputation of half of his left leg, and the shoulder joint of his left arm was severely damaged.

The report obtained by the Russian Novosti News Agency indicates that “the complex surgical operation took 12 hours, during which the medical staff worked to connect the severed nerves from the branch of the peroneal nerve with the aim of restoring the innervation of the muscles of the upper limb.”

Experts point to the innovative nature of the operation, which was the result of four years of research work. They confirm that such a nerve transplant operation is being performed for the first time in the world.

Source: Novosti - Publication date: 27/12/2023 -

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