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Lancia Model 1961 parked car becomes a tourist attraction in Conegliano- Italy!

The old Car abandoned in front of the newsstand
Photo Source : Google Maps

An abandoned car, parked 47 years ago on an Italian street, has become a local landmark, attracting tourists and visitors from all over the world.

Angelo Frigolant, 94, parked his 1961 Lancia Fulvia outside the newsstand he ran with his wife Bertella Modolo, in Conegliano, northeastern Italy, in 1974.

"I ran the newsstand under the house for 40 years with my wife, who is 10 years younger than me," Frigolant told Gazzetino.

"When I opened the newsstand, I was glad Lancia Fulvia had parked in front of it because I was unloading newspapers in the trunk and then taking them inside," he added, according to the British newspaper The Independent.

After the couple retired, they left the car in the same place and it has since become part of the picturesque town.

Tourists and locals began taking pictures and taking selfies with the old car, and it quickly turned into a tourist attraction, as the photos spread on social media.

However, after nearly five decades, town officials decided to remove the car. It was moved on October 20 to the "Vintage Cars and Motorcycles" exhibition in Padua, about 85 kilometers away, where classic cars are displayed.

Later, it was sent to the workshop to be restored and to repair any damage caused by 47 years of being out in the open.

Once fully restored, the car will be parked outside a local school next to the home of Frigolant and his wife, so they can watch tourists continue to visit local attractions.

Fulvia is best known for its role in the motorsport world after winning the 1972 International Rally Championship.


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