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Must do when your phone is lost!

The loss of smart phones leads to many security risks, due to the usually carried files and personal data, which become available to other people.

In order to avoid unpleasant consequences that may result from the loss of a smartphone, an expert in the field of cyber security at Kaspersky Communications Technology Security Lab, Dmitry Galov, advises smartphone users to take measures in advance, the most important of which is to ensure that the device is locked well by means of the lock code, as well as making sure from the possibility of remote data destruction.

The expert in the field of electronic security explained that "losing or stealing a smartphone carries many security risks ... in the event that it is easy to access data and personal data related to, for example, the Internet banking application.

The expert pointed out that the fraudster who has important personal data in his possession can threaten the attacker to delete it or, on the contrary, threaten to publish it and demand a ransom, adding that these are not all scenarios that could happen.

In turn, the head of the development department of the "Beline" communications network, Alexei Vereshchagin, said that "what you yourself consider useless information on your phone can in fact be used by fraudsters against you or the people with whom you communicate."

He pointed out that smart phones contain valuable and sensitive data and information such as call history, correspondence in social networks, e-mail applications, photos and videos, bank card data, and bank payment applications and systems.

News of 31-October-2021

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