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📺 News: An amazing friendship developed between a man and ..a cow!🐮

News on July 2021- two years ago, Ryan saw an ad for a newborn Holstein calf in North Carolina. After visiting a sanctuary in Maryland that rescues cows, Ryan’s suspicion that cows are just “grass puppies” was confirmed. Playful and full of curiosity, cows have many similarities to pets you may find in your home. Since Ryan was able to see firsthand just how amazing these creatures really are, he decided to take his chance, and drove all the way to bring home Jenna, his very first cow.

Jenna - The cow- was born on a dairy farm with her twin brother who was taken to a different sanctuary before Ryan arrived in North Carolina, so Ryan took the one remaining wrapped in a blanket on the long drive home and named her Jenna after the dairy farmer’s daughter who saved her life (from being sent with her brother to the Sanctuary)

Since Jenna never had the opportunity to get to know her real mother, Ryan became the parental figure in Jenna’s life. He provided her with all the hugs, scratches, and attention that a baby needs. He found that Jenna would follow him from window to window around the house until he came outside to play with her: their favorite activity is to play chase. Jenna runs behind Ryan from tree to tree, followed by a game of headbutt in which they push their heads up against each other to see who can move the other first. Jenna always lets Ryan win. Since that time Ryan is considered to be the cow's best friend.

Happynass Editor Comment: It is amazing how animals can understand and detect the human feelings and intentions towards them: if only they could speak !

Source Credit : you may read the full details and watch the picture on RD digest website following the link.


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