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📺 News: Strangers compassion for a kid's lost toy

July-2021- Ethan Mccann left his beloved Peter Rabbit teddy on a bus while on a family trip - and strangers banded together to send postcards to tell the six-year-old all about Peter's travels around the world!

The six-year-old boy was left in tears when he lost his Peter Rabbit teddy on a bus during a family trip to Devon, and their desperate attempts to find it were unsuccessful. "We were on a family holiday in Brixham," Sam said. "We got on the number 12 bus, me and Ethan were sat at the top. Then we got off and were walking towards the beach when all of a sudden I said 'have you got Peter?'

"I suddenly realized I didn't spot it and he said 'no I left him on the bus'. since that time "peter" was missing!

Ethan had Peter since birth after it was gifted to him by his grandma, and he was left devastated when he lost the toy on a bus ride.

One stranger suggested sending postcards to Ethan from Peter to reassure him that the rabbit was just taking an extended holiday. Since then, family start being inundated with messages from strangers as far away as as Malta and Australia, with people telling Ethan all about Peter's travels with his girlfriend Flopsy. One postcard reads: "I might have got home by the time you get this. I'm having a ball in Paignton, Torquay and Dartmouth. I've sent you some rock to eat, and a little fluffy friend.

"I'm not home yet, I will get home one day. Love and miss you loads."

Ethan's mum, Sam Ainsworth, from Redditch, Worcestershire, says the heartwarming gesture has cheered up her little boy and she thanked everyone for getting involved.

She added: "I think it's amazing when people do these things. It really restores your faith with humans. Ethan is loving it.

Happynass Editor Comment: it's true that such reactions, restore your faith in human and humanity and whatever bring smile and happiness to kids is blessed, even if it was about silly lost toy!

what seems not important to us is a great value for others. and that is life even with adults!. be always compassionate 🙏🙏

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