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Police officer resume food delivery after he arrested the driver !

A South Dakota woman received quite a surprise when her Door Dash food order was delivered by the police on Tuesday.

Anastasia Elsinger, 24, said she knew she wouldn't be getting her food quickly when her Door Dash app showed her driver had stopped a few blocks down from her home.

Elsinger stepped outside and saw police lights and correctly assumed her driver had been pulled over. "I definitely did not expect to have a cop show up at my door," the officer gently explained: 'I know, I'm not who you're expecting but your Door Dash ,driver got arrested for some things they didn't take care of.'"

Police spokesman Sam Clemens said the department is aware of the growing popularity of Officer Sam Buhr, who Clemens said was responsible for the delivery. The original Door Dash driver was arrested for an unspecified crime, Clemens said. After realizing he was making a food delivery, Buhr decided to complete the food request. "This isn't normal by any stretch, but the little things like this going above and beyond helping people out — that's the things that we do," Clemens said.

the Scene was filmed on house camera surveillance and went viral for the few seconds it was captured!


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