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✈️South Korea: Asiana Airlines passenger airliner lands safely despite flying with an open door.

According to officials, 12 people were slightly injured by the air blast after Plane emergency door was manually opened by a passenger just 200 meter's above the ground before landing causing some to have breathing difficulty but with no major injuries. The plane landed safely.

According to the Transport Ministry, some people aboard the Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 tried to stop the person, who was able to partially open the door.

An airport police officer detained the man on suspicion of violating aviation security laws, according to a statement from the ministry. The man told officials that he was under a lot of stress after losing his job recently, and that he opened the door because he wanted to get out quickly after feeling suffocated, according to police officials.

Police requested an arrest warrant for Lee for violating the Aviation Security Act, citing the seriousness of his case and the possibility of his escape.

The law bars passengers from handling exit doors and other equipment on board and provides for penalties of up to 10 years in prison, the ministry said.

The plane with 194 people aboard was heading to the southeastern city of Daegu from the southern island of Jeju. The flight is normally about an hour, and the incident occurred when the plane was reaching the Daegu airport at an altitude of 700 feet (213 meters).

Some passengers' hair was blown into the cabin by the air blowing in through the open door in a video apparently taken on board.

The passengers included teenage athletes on their way to a track and field competition. Some screamed and cried in panic, Yonhap news agency reported, citing their unidentified coach.

As a result of the door opening, other passengers reported severe ear pain to Yonhap. Several cabin crew members shouted for assistance from passengers in order to prevent the door from being opened, according to the report.

The Transportation Ministry reported that 12 people were treated in hospitals. Daegu emergency officials reported breathing problems and other minor symptoms among the injured.

Source News ABC news


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