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Turkey earthquake:After 103 hours under the rubble,"Venus" the dog guides rescue teams to its owner

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A woman was pulled from under the rubble by Turkish relief teams with the help of her faithful dog, who kept barking.

The Turkish "Anatolia" agency stated that relief teams were able to reach the 35-year-old woman 103 hours after the earthquake.

She explained that members of the rescue team were making calls in search of survivors under the rubble on "Ataturk" Street, in the state of "Hatay" (Iskenderun Province), when they heard a barking sound among the rubble, so they immediately expedite the work of removing the rubble.

The agency added, "After vigorous efforts, the rescuers discovered that a woman was stuck under the rubble, as she was rescued thanks to her dog, Venus."

After being removed from under the rubble, the lady, whose name was "Duiggo", was taken to the hospital immediately, in conjunction with taking care of the dog, whose name was later revealed to be "Venus".

The Rubbles were the result of an 7.7-magnitude earthquake which struck southern Turkey and northern Syria, at dawn on Monday, followed hours later by another one with a magnitude of 7.6 and hundreds of violent aftershocks, which left huge losses of lives and property in both countries.

Publish date: 10.02.2023 - Source: Turkish "Anatolia" agency


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